Like a busted mirror. I’m having trouble seeing myself.

This is so much more difficult to do
than I thought it would be.
But then again,
I never thought, did I?
I just ‘did’.

All these blotted tail-lights,
all these red, watering eyes,
each one a person (dead and) gone.

Sometimes you’re dead to me
and other times you are so alive I have to clench
my eyes
my fists
my self
for fear I’d loose it all. Blurt it out.

This is something that needs thought,
but I’m in no condition to.

You’re nothing that will easily lie down.



  1. chokingspirits · January 20, 2007

    i used to have this rectangular mirror in my old room.. it was so old and that the frame had long since fallen off and it had claimed its home right next to my bedroom door..close enough so that each time i accidently scraped my legs passing by.. i decided one day, in a depressed but reactionary mood i was, to go outside and drop this mirror on the concrete. it broke into many shimmering pieces on the road. i couldn’t be annoyed with annually made long scratches on my legs. with my unprotected hands, i gathered the busted glass pieces and brought them back to my room. i found some old paste under my dresser and glued the many sharp but pretty pieces to my wall..surrounding the doorway. i stood back and marveled at my good idea and creation. my palms started hurting all of a sudden and i stared down at them and found that i little tiny cuts in the creases of my hands.

  2. chokingspirits · January 20, 2007

    the bloody css wont accept html bold coding… so where i say ” it was so old and that the frame had long since ..”.. i meant to have a bolded ‘bust’ .. an now perhaps this explanation has completely ruined my previous comment…
    feck my terrible bollixd luck

  3. zaphodfreek · January 20, 2007

    no no.
    it’s very nice.
    Thanks Sarah.

  4. Phoenix · January 22, 2007

    “THAN”. 😉 But otherwise, like the other ones, this is very good. I feel I’m beyond having to tell you that each one is great, so I’ll stick to the fact that it’s “than” and not “then” there at the beginning.

  5. zaphodfreek · January 22, 2007

    Cheers Phoenix.
    Correction made.

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