Cut this.

In my head
I see people fighting.

I can’t see their faces
just their bare arms,
their bloodied fists,
the odd speck of hard white bone.

And littering the ground
like some god awful celebration,
like funeral confetti,
the empty shards
of their broken glass smiles.



  1. Phoenix · January 22, 2007

    “Funeral confetti”… that line gave me cold shivers. Again, a painting of words, powerful and eager, yet subtle and soft. Well done.

  2. raeofsunshine · January 23, 2007

    I’m a fan of the lines,
    “the empty shards/of their broken glass smiles”
    i can picture it, it’s wonderful! (not the image, itself, of course. that’s just kind of gruesome.)

  3. zaphodfreek · January 23, 2007

    Thank you both.

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