Book spine. Smell of pine.

Freedom is as freedom does.

How wonderful it is to discover the world
one day at the age of twenty two.
Free wheelin’
but not so innocent as to fall down the holes,
the hidden pitfalls of

Not again.


8 thoughts on “Book spine. Smell of pine.

  1. and you had to change the site…. i really really liked the school bus.
    benji i hope you are doing well..for it is the weekend!

  2. just trying this out for a little.
    the weekend is not yet upon me Sarah
    for I am a child and scholar of columba,
    as you so rightly know.
    but saturday afternoon, here I come!
    going out to an italian with a few friends i haven’t seen in a good long while. yup yup yup.
    i shall be gargling pepperoni ‘tout suite’.

  3. Hm, wonder where my comment went? Lost in cyberspace or was it simply gobbled up by my chaotic way of starting things but forgetting to submit?
    Anyhow, here I go again 🙂

    Love the way you put lines together, setting the stage and then leaving us hanging with an image just big enough to add our own imagination to finish the story.

    And in reply to a comment you left with me, nice to meet you Ben, I am Susanne, however everybody calls me Spaz (as in Spasmicallyperfect with one typo 🙂 ).

  4. 🙂
    Thank you.
    That means a lot.
    I greatly value the imaginations of others
    and I also value your oppinions
    I shall probably mix and match with the names. You know. Keep things interesting 😉

    I ‘trust’ you implicitly.
    Have fun today!

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