limits. comforts.

I can see nothing more than the girl.

She sits.
brow furrowed.
long hair hanging down.

she wears long sleeves.
which she pulls over her hands.
to keep them warm.
the allusion of safety.

i can tell she is a girl:
the delicacy of her fingers.
the sallow pink of her nails.
the scent.

and so i see her.
whether or not she feels, i do not know.

i have not read her book.

she is all i can see.
beyond her,
who knows?


13 thoughts on “limits. comforts.

  1. I really like the
    stanza. I love the way that you seperate each action
    into it’s own little world.

    thanks for sharing again…

  2. hmmmmm.
    Well i reckon I do but she’s just a friend
    and that’s all….. ‘Oh well’s.
    Hopefully there’s one or two more out there.
    And it’d be fun if they were a bit hidden and I had to go halfway round the world.
    I haven’t been in enough jungles.

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