My apologies

for all the ‘her and me’ poems
but the subject is sort of consuming all my thoughts at the moment.

Maybe soon I’ll
sober up
calm down
and maybe grow up a little too.

And then I can get back to fighting all the injustice in the world
like the true superman I am.


(Note: The part about me being a ‘super’man is sarcastic. I’m not THAT egotistical.)


6 thoughts on “My apologies

  1. You know, i feel that there is no need to apologize for any inspiration, no matter what the source, however obsessive it becomes, or even the quality of the outcome.

  2. I have an idea for a poem perfectly suited to your skills. Bear with me here. The germ of it is right here hiding in your poem. Make this longer, write it from the perspective of actual brokenhearted Superman, aching for the Lois Lane he cannot have for the obvious secret identity. The hints can be subtle and fun to discover about whose poem it is. And you’ll be free to express the promise of getting back to superhero business without having to apologize for anything. If you don’t do it in verse, I might just do it in fiction. Either way, thank you for the inspiration.

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