Check out Sarah!

‘She’s hot shit’

….in the poetry world anyway.
I reckons. She doesn’t post all too often.
But what she does is beautiful.

Sarah –


– Sarah Meise

not again
he said as he ignored the rest
and she smiled at him
through the tinted window
the moonlight cascading on her face
a swirl of lights…mostly red
a breath of fresh air and nods
she kept on singing
the song

   -Update (9th April 2007) – Sarah has unfortunately deleted her       
account but i shall leave this here to show my adoration and respect.
Also because her poem is prettiful.


4 thoughts on “Check out Sarah!

  1. I know this Sarah. She’s a good friend of mine. It seems as if everywhere I go I find people who know of her. Interesting. Small world, isn’t it.
    I’m James .. I suppose I might meet you one day.

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