Sniff. Blink. Smile.

Everywhere I went today
you were with me.

Not in body
but in scent.
You were up to your elbows in nasal mucus.
Appologies about the head cold and the horrible image.
But you can make anything

You were everywhere I looked.
Swimming through my Vitreous humour.
Every turning head was yours.
Every wayward curl hiding that smile.
Oh that smile.

Everywhere I went today
you were there.
You are here.
Oh how I wish you were
here now.

–This poem is officially dedicated to slynne.
Thanks for the kind words and Happy Birthday.


8 thoughts on “Sniff. Blink. Smile.

  1. Ah, such longing. In this piece and in several others I’ve read on this page. Especially liked “Perhaps.” Immensely enjoyed the line “the unimportance of it is killing me” in the piece “I Listened to a River Red.”

    Be blessed, and dream well. ^_^

  2. Humanity, the needing, the isolation, and the reaching with eager shy fingers of projected thought! What universe of solitude but non-alienation, the self keeping the self in company as you feel with all the senses for someone to be wth you. Yes, I felt that.

  3. ok, I love this. Not just passing lust style love this, but full on, I need a copy to keep for rainy days love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I consider this my favorite birthday present yet. Even though it wasn’t actually for me, I’ll just pretend it was.

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