A once lost embrace.

This is a case of rediscovering love
and the softness of heart
that I have only known from you.

I believe the message here is
“Don’t try too hard
but don’t give up,
and don’t lose hope”
And I haven’t.

I hope you’re not shaking your head because of all this
that you kept whispering to me
with those black lips.

Come here.
Your magic.


4 thoughts on “A once lost embrace.

  1. This isn’t perhaps the most poetical of things I have written.
    I’d even go as far as to say it isn’t very good.
    But this was something I had to say something about
    and the smiles in my head are making it difficult for me to think.

    Maybe I’ll write something better onthe subject later
    but for now…..

  2. Love is… difficult to write about, I suppose. But I think you manage it quite well. I like your poems – and I’ll keep reading them.

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