Just a note

So we have a new theme

just for this christmas time, I hope you understand.

Enjoy it while it lasts.


– Edit: Okay, so I’ve changed the theme but I think I’ll leave this post,
because I like Sarah’s comment.
Oh, and on a side note, The Wayward Schoolbus is a GREAT book.


3 thoughts on “Just a note

  1. haha its sufjan-esque.
    a missionary friend of mine in sweden went to a sufjan stevens concert just about a month ago and he said that there was a ton of santas all dressed..here i’ll will quote it from his e-mail..”
    Wednesday, Greta, Emmi and I went to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden (and, if you may believe the stupid signs, capital of Scandinavia too). Our main purpose: a Sufjan Stevens gig. He and his butterfly squad made a fantastic concert with flying Santa Clauses and inflatable Supermen and a lot of jingly tingly sounds. It was great.” hahahahaha..
    HAPPY Holidays to all!

    especially you 🙂

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