I listened to a river red.

What did she do?
She was honest
She said she was sorry and that she loved me
but not in that way.
That’s all

And I can’t feel bad
it’s true.
And I can’t feel bad
that makes me feel

As I’ve said before
the unimportance of it is killing me.

Things mean too much too me.
I feel too much

It is not a bad thing to feel very passionate?
Oh it is.
It is bad for me.
It makes me hurt
and it blinds me to the most obvious loves.

What did I say in return?

I said
I said
I see.
I said.

I didn’t say
I didn’t mean that smile.



  1. chokingspirits · December 14, 2006

    aye, you’ve quoted from me!
    i feel pleased.

  2. afternoonbeauty · December 14, 2006


    It sucks because I’m the other end of that…to someone else, obviously. But yeah.

    Overall, the emotion quota is very reached.

  3. Paddy · December 15, 2006


    Merry Xmas Ben


  4. Benjamin · December 15, 2006


    Same to you Paddy.

  5. paurong · December 16, 2006

    nice poem you got here. i also write poems. i am inspired again because of you. thanks!

    please visit me too.

  6. zaphodfreek · December 16, 2006

    My pleasure.

  7. girlwrestler · December 18, 2006

    This is a really good poem. Simplicity, yet it tells a good story. Keep writing, maybe it will take you somewhere.

  8. zaphodfreek · December 18, 2006

    Thank you.
    Maybe it will.

    Although that’s not to say that it hasn’t and doesn’t.

  9. raeofsunshine · December 22, 2006

    if you think something is important, it is. Don’t deny feelings by saying that you feel too passionately. Feelings are the only way we know we’re still alive.

    At least, that’s how it is for me…

  10. zaphodfreek · December 23, 2006

    That’s what people tell me.
    It’s something I know.

  11. zaphodfreek · December 23, 2006

    And actually, that first sentance of yours is something I sort of live by.
    Importance is all relative, I reckons,
    so I completely agree with you.

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