The Room

Square and formal.
No doors. No windows. No far echoing corridors to run down.
Just a bed. A bare bed.

No one wants to say
“no way”.
No one wants to think
“no way but this”.

Our bodies hard and white. Every error
picked out.
There is no sensuous act without
darkness. Who can move their tongue?
This whiteness harshes all.
It is too true.



  1. zaphodfreek · December 8, 2006

    This is an anti-‘anti-platonic love’ poem.
    Inspiration: anger at John Montague’s The Same Gesture.

  2. chokingspirits · December 12, 2006

    your poem inspired me to do a painting somewhat paralleling this idea. you should really see it.

    i have never really liked john montague’s works.. some say he was the best irish poet since Yeats! rubbish! .. it is like comparing dan brown to james joyce.. you just dont do that.. okay sorry enough bashing of people!

  3. zaphodfreek · December 12, 2006

    I don’t really like Yeats

  4. chokingspirits · December 13, 2006

    yeah he’s not one of my favourites.

  5. Tinkerbell · November 10, 2007

    Montague is one of my favourites actually! “The Same Gesture” is a beautiful poem, yet fake in a way. “The Room” reminds me of a more realistic approach brought on sex (without alcohol!)!

  6. zaphodfreek · November 10, 2007

    I don’t know.
    I wasn’t so hot on him.

    But different people have different tastes.
    Maybe anger was a bit too strong.

    Realistic would be just what I was going for.

  7. zaphodfreek · November 10, 2007

    And hey!
    You’re going to Maynooth!

    My friend Katie’s doing music there.

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