i am a card carrying grin.

this is a no smiling zone.
do you have a license? No?
but you are the prince of dreams.

welcome in, prince of dreams.
beam on me.


Good good goose.
soft with down but sharp with up.

don’t fret!


before L
before LATE
before IT IS LATE
too late.

What’s late?
Am I supposed to answer that?



  1. afternoonbeauty · November 28, 2006

    Hmm. Japanese is oddly conducive to singing, I’ve found, so I wouldn’t discredit it, but you don’t get the same solid, established stuff as with Italian. And Italian is awfully pretty.

    I do love Japanese as just a language in itself…underneath the words is this culture that you have to be familiar with to comprehend the form and words of the language, and both are so radically different, paradoxical in its calm and temper. I feel pretty when I speak it. So on that basis, I’d recommend it.

  2. chokingspirits · December 3, 2006

    i like the colloquialism in this poem.
    i like the relaxed but tense qualiy of this.
    i am really loving the originality of your poetry. your personality shines through each one of your writings.
    to you mr. zaphod beeblebrox

  3. zaphodfreek · December 3, 2006

    Much gracious thankfullness is bewstowed upon you
    Madame of the Choking Spirits.

    I am… you say…..grateful.

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