Open-eyed Dreams

An eventful evening.
But now everything was calmed.
And from my little hooded cave,
I watched you sleep.

And what filled me with awe:
the person you were and the person you will be,
I could see.

I didn’t want to think.
I wanted to feel.
So I did.
And your face faded in the darkness so I couldn’t make it out.
But I knew you were there.


8 thoughts on “Open-eyed Dreams

  1. As Life’s ultimate pessimist at this exact moment in life, I’d like to say that i don’t think the sort of ecstacy is possible if you’re speaking of being in the presence of another human being…
    (but that’s me being a pessimistic leech, sucking the beauty out of life.)

    i really like the idea of it though… and i really like your poetry.

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