Time to.

I was.

I am.

I will.

3 states. Each with its own rules and agendas and ‘lois de terre’.

The Past is stubborn and stuck in her ways; doing the Tories proud.
But it is reassuring.
What is, is.
You can count on “I was”.

Present is ever changing.
Its citizens live.
It is a time and place of action and of getting done.
Highly productive, highly destructive is “I am”

The Future is a highly unstable kindom,
ruled by a faceless king.
Mathematics holds no place: it cannot be counted on.
It is for the ignorant and the devine.
A land of hopes and dreams.
Not metallic and tarnished as those in “I was” might think,
“I will” is either frayed or filled.
“I will” is what you make.
So easily “I will not”.


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