1. chokingspirits · November 7, 2006


    i adore the first line..if my dusty mind translation serves me right.. its the night of death/sorrow, keep me hidden 🙂
    i like

  2. zaphodfreek · November 7, 2006

    Ben likes french.

  3. afternoonbeauty · November 11, 2006

    Apparently, Ben likes confusing readers who, though they may have been to Paris, can only ask for the check. And say thank you.

    Translation, si’l vous plait?

  4. zaphodfreek · November 11, 2006

    Well it was written in French and doesn’t have exactly the same feeling to it but it’s roughly

    : Night of death/sorrow, keep me hidden, (Like Sarah said. Well done Sarah)
    Heated only by the steaming cup.

    No eyes.
    No lights.
    No feelings.

    I am filled to burst.

  5. afternoonbeauty · November 17, 2006

    The slacker returns to life (me).


    Interesting how you describe emptiness and then say “I am filled to burst,” which, I say with considerable pride, I can now recognize in the last line. …”point” helps. Almost a creepy paradox, but it’s effective.

  6. zaphodfreek · November 17, 2006

    Thank you.

    However, I feel rather the worse for ware so you must bare me out.
    I shalln’t post for a bit,
    for fear I should break my heart.

  7. zaphodfreek · November 18, 2006

    Too late.

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