La nuit de mort, me cachent loin.
Chauffé seulement en cuisant la tasse à la vapeur.

Aucuns yeux.
Aucunes lumières.
Aucuns sentiments.

Je suis rempli au point d’éclatement


7 thoughts on “Translation.

  1. mmm

    i adore the first line..if my dusty mind translation serves me right.. its the night of death/sorrow, keep me hidden 🙂
    i like

  2. Well it was written in French and doesn’t have exactly the same feeling to it but it’s roughly

    : Night of death/sorrow, keep me hidden, (Like Sarah said. Well done Sarah)
    Heated only by the steaming cup.

    No eyes.
    No lights.
    No feelings.

    I am filled to burst.

  3. The slacker returns to life (me).


    Interesting how you describe emptiness and then say “I am filled to burst,” which, I say with considerable pride, I can now recognize in the last line. …”point” helps. Almost a creepy paradox, but it’s effective.

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