Drowned. I am greatly moved.

You stood in the light
and I couldn’t see.
I couldn’t speak.
I could barely breath.

Everything is thrown up,
and lands at such angles.
I can’t even begin.

I am on the verge of tears.
Great, fluid globules of myself slung against the ground.
Great lakes from great pains.

You say you are cold.
I am cold. I am cold within.

Why should you care?

I’ll sit out here
with the puddles of myself
until I no longer feel cold.
Until I no longer feel like myself.
Until I’m someone I can care about.



  1. chokingspirits · October 27, 2006

    you and i really think the same about things..
    i am being totally honest…

    the last line really drew me the most..
    very powerful.

    we need to buy you a pair of gloves that have one part where you can switch them to fingerless gloves and one part which is mittens..and then a coffee machine.

  2. zaphodfreek · November 3, 2006

    I HATE HATE HATE coffee.
    Just so you know.

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