1. chokingspirits · October 23, 2006

    so yes as you see i got a wireless signal from her neighbours but emm yes..
    i love your poetry! you have quite a skill.. and i really dont understand why you even like mines one bit cos they are shit and thats it hmm…
    kepp at it and again congrats about how yer work is to be published in the school’s paper!

  2. zaphodfreek · October 23, 2006

    Nonsense Sarah.
    Your poetry is AMAZING.
    I really like.

    Everyone thinks what they write is aweful.
    I you could see the amount of stuf I DON’T put up.
    I seem to churn out poetry at a rate of knots. As if I were at sea or something.

  3. chokingspirits · October 23, 2006

    rate of knots ahahaha

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