“how is benji feeling?”


benji is feeling

disturbed and perturbed

for no reason

and this makes him more disturbed and perturbed

to think that he could be so disturbing and perturbing

i need to lie down in somebodies lap

and take a load off my life

(appology ensues)

it’s not that

it’s nothing to do with THAT heaping pile of turd

that I accept willingly

and without question

chump. with his off key piano.
break a keyboard with his face will he?
break his face a bit too.

NO! No questions.
I need something but i don’t believe in fairytales (which is a lie).


One comment

  1. chokingspirits · August 31, 2006

    i make me awkward

    in an awkward way

    when you stretch the muscles of your face as much as you can

    movements don’t satisfy anymore

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