brrrrrr. a cold and frustrated beginning.

unlike a certain Sigur Rós album.

is filled
to burst.

like a sufferer of obstipation.
fecal impaction.
on my brain

i’m full of so much shit.
backed up.

here is where i’ll out it.
all over your nice clean, white sheets
of paper.
muddied with thought.
dirtied with the dilemma of minds.
free for you to pour over.
to grip in your hands.
to force through your fingers
and teeth.
and into you.

so allow me to appologise in advance.


One comment

  1. chokingspirits · August 31, 2006

    but it makes me think of holding your hand and clenching it through radiohead. and it makes me want to do something drastic that i dont know of at the current moment

    no apologies please


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